WKK Participating in Vietwater 2013

Water World – Vietwater 2013

WKK Participating in Vietwater 2013

The Vietwater Expo & Forum is one of the biggest exhibition in South East Asia, it has been designed to provide sustainable water solutions not only for citizens of Vietnam, but for all environmentally concerned people.

Nowdays, Vietwater Expo & Forum is counted upon by industry players including regulators, developers, consultants, architects, contractors and others in order to meet their demands and help future generations.

PT. Wahana Krida Konsulindo (WKK), as a consultant company, who has main business in water resources engineering, is also participating in this event. By participating in this event, WKK want to introduce to all people, that water is very important for human being. We are facing a water crisis, almost all country in this world facing this crisis, that’s why WKK want to send a message that water management shall be done seriously. It requires a comprehensive engineering planning and WKK can do that because since 1990’s, WKK had been involving in hydraulic engineering in Indonesia region. This long experienced in the hydraulic engineering had brought us t our comprehensive approach in most of hydraulic problems.

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