GCAL Group

PT. Graha Citra Anugerah Lestari known as GCAL started as a small company specialized in building materials and constructions. GCAL growing rapidly and achieved a remarkable opportunity of become representatives of some big and reputable manufacturers from US and Europe. In order to provide better service to partners and clients, GCAL widen the business into subsidiary companies such as Structural Strengthening & Contractor, Engineering Consultant, Building Chemical Specialist, Property Developer and Land Management also Mini Hydro Power Plant. (Find out more…)


Fyfe Fibrwrap Indonesia

PT. Fyfe Fibrwrap Indonesia (FFI) is one of GCAL subsidiaries company. FFI is a product representatif of FRP Tyfo® Fibrwrap® System and part of Regional Headquarter of Fyfe Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore, which is a group of Fyfe Co.LLC San Diego, California USA. (Find out more…)

Setec - Design Master

Setec – Design Master

Setec is one of Wahana Krida Konsulindo (WKK) partner. The setec group represents approximately 2100 employees divided up over more than 30 companies in France and abroad. Choosing to organise the group into relatively small companies fosters team responsibility and motivation as well as allowing for direct contact with clients. (Find out more…)


Terrasol Geotechnical Consulting Engineers

Just like Setec, Terrasol also WKK partner. WKK is the agent for the Geotechnic Software developed by Terrasl. Geotechnics is a complex discipline that finds its place at the border of natural science, exact science and construction techniques. It is constantly evolving as the analysis tools and construction processes progress to respond to integrated projects in an environment of ever increasing constraints. (Find out more…)