Dear valuable customer,

Our company, PT. Wahana Krida Konsulindo is started in the year of 1991, in Malang – East Java. In the beginning, PT. WKK was set up to facilitate the implementation of engineering science from either private or state own university based in East Java region.

During the time, PT. WKK has been developing and setting up performance as a professional Engineering Consultant services. As an Engineering Consultant services company, PT. WKK offering some values:

  • Customer satisfaction is our main reason for being.
  • Professional services served by all personnel.
  • Innovated services to achieve effective, efficient and on time values for customer.
  • Education commitment for all personnel, to allow us giving a Competence and Excellent services.
  • Experienced personnel with full dedication to work hard to be able to follow any standard required by customer.
  • Environmental aspect is always one of our most consideration in our design engineering.

We are looking forward to work together with you, our valuable customer.

Sincerely yours,

Board of Management & Staff